The Top 5 Best Electric Hunting Bike of 2018

When you hear “electric bicycle” you normally don’t think off-road. Add to that the phrase “hunting” into the mix, and all of a sudden the idea of an “electric hunting bicycle” seems a little strange. We don’t blame you because when manufacturers started producing e-bikes decades ago that was certainly the case: any bit of moisture or debris could short even the most power electric bike motor back in the day. How are you supposed to hunt with something that can’t even go off road?

Now we know you’re probably thinking: “Aren’t ATV’s and dirt bikes better for hunting and fishing?” The answer: not really. Aside from a higher top speed and carrying capacity, ATV’s and dirt bikes can actually be a hinderance compared to using an electric hunting bike. In fact, there are quite a few advantages electric motors have over gas engines when it comes to hunting:

  1. Ebike’s are much faster than walking in and out of your hunting area: It may be a no-brianer, but you’d be surprised how many people think hunting means either riding gas-powered bike or walking. But with an ebike there’s no need to strap everything to your back and go back to your camp site or car. With a rack on the front or the back of an ebike you can throw your gear and your kill on your bike and get going.
  2. They’re much more undetectable than dirt bikes and ATV’s: Animals work off of their senses, and as a hunter you already know that loud noises will scare off game, and lots of movement will make game and fish that much harder to catch. Not only that, but the smell of gas and even your own sweat can send prey running. An electric motor doesn’t rev as loud or make anywhere near the amount of vibration as gas engines do. You and your bike won’t produce a bunch of unwanted odor when you ride, so you’re looking a better chance of getting your kill faster and more efficiently with an e-bike.
  3. Anybody can work on electric bikes, even you: No need to learn about compression or carburetor turning, replacing parts of an engine or even mixing fuel. Anyone who can work on pedal bikes can maintain an electric hunting bike- no special licensing or degree required. If you don’t know how to work on bikes, you can actually learn how to pretty quickly. Moreover, replacing parts like a controller or motor on an e-bike is much easier than changing the crank or cylinder on a gas-powered engine, so long-term maintenance is much easier, too.
  4. Nearly anyone can ride them any time, anywhere: Most states allow an electric bike of 750w’s or below to be ridden without a license, whereas most areas won’t allow riders below 18 and/or without a motorcycle license to ride dirt bikes on trails. The less riders in your group the more work it is for you, so the ability for any hunter of nearly any age and license to use an electric-bike comes in handy.

Don’t think your next hunting trip could use an electric bike? Think again, because here are the Top 5 Electric Hunting Bikes that’ll make you change the way you see electric bikes forever:

#1 QuietKat 750W Ranger FatKat Hub Motor Fat Tire Electric Bike– Editor’s Choice

Looking for a ride that’ll have you hauling a$# in and out of the woods virtually without making a sound? You want the QuietKat 750W Ranger FatKat Hub Motor Fat Tire bike. It’s got a powerful 750w rear hub motor that can get up to 19MPH unassisted, and even quicker if you help by pedaling. Its mid-drive system is sealed for a quiet ride and to protect the motor from rainy, snowy, or muddy conditions.

The Ranger’s also got lots of features that make it a safe, comfortable ride when you’re on the hunt. Its huge 4.5in wide wheels paired with a 7-speed Shimano hub will help you go uphill and back on any terrain easily. The hydraulic suspension on this ride will have you riding like a champ, and in those times you need to stop on a dime, the disc brakes will kick in without hesitation and won’t slip even in the wettest conditions. Hands down, the Quiet Kat 750w Ranger is the best choice for any hunter.


#2 Rambo 750W R750XP G3 Camo Electric Bike 

Now if you’re looking for a bike that can haul some serious weight, you’re going to want the Rambo 750w R750XP G3 electric bike. Already known for their superior quality, Rambo bikes made the R1000XP to give riders more range to do more on their bikes than just ride around town.

Its quiet motor is perfect for coming up on a kill without scaring animals away. You can travel up to 19 MPH on this bike, which means you’re not breaking a sweat zipping on and off roads (which is great for animals sensitive to human aromas). Not only that, but it can carry up to 300 lbs, which is great for hauling your hunt in without a car or dirt bike. At only 66lbs, the Rambo R750XP is one of the lightest yet hardest performing e-bikes we’ve seen- definitely consider this bike if you plan on carrying lots around with you on your next trip.


#3 E-Mojo 1000W Prowler Fat Tire Electric Bike

Emojo started out as a standard e-bike company but quickly became one of the most popular electric fat tire bike manufacturers around. The 1000w Prowler Fat Tire bike comes from their fat tire line of rides, and man does this bike perform. It may not be as fast or as lightweight as other hunting bikes, but the distance this bike gets is no joke.

While most bikes have a range of around 20 miles, the Prowler has a battery range of 30 miles and a max carrying capacity of 330 lbs. Add a rack to this bike and you can carry equipment and a healthy catch to and from camp- no sweat. And of course it’s equipped with Tektro hydraulic brakes, suspension fork, and 4” wide tires to keep you riding steady on even the trickiest trails.

#4 Biktrix 750W Juggernaut Classic Mountain Electric Bike

Don’t let the name fool you: the BikTrix 750W Juggernaut Classic Electric Mountain Bike may have a tough name, but this fat tire bike’s made for everyone. Even though it doesn’t have a huge capacity for weight (sorry big game hunters), it still offers plenty of speed and gets a surprising amount of distance per charge.

Unlike other hunting bikes, the Juggernaut comes equipped with both a twist throttle (most have thumb throttles) and a pedal assist feature. When you need to pedal long distances the pedal assist will read the cadence of your ride and kick in to help you ride smoother without tiring yourself. After a long day of fishing or having fun, just pull back the throttle and head back to camp. Trust us: the BikTrix 750W Juggernaut Classic Electric Mountain Bike will come in handy on your next fishing trip.

#5 Daymak 500W Wild Goose Electric Bike

The DayMak Wild Good 500w Electric bike is what your next finish trip in the woods needs. This bike’s got 4” wide tires for tons of stability, front suspension to take those bumpier parts of the ride, and disc brakes with plenty of safety and stopping power. The 7 speed Shimano hub pairs well with the pedal assist system to help make your ride easier and last longer.

With a 500w motor powering this bike, you’ll be able to get up to 15MPH with a twist of the throttle. It may not pack a huge punch when it comes to speed, the included headlight is mighty convenient when those fishing trips last longer than expected. It’s also got a built-in rack you can hang your catch from on the way back in, along with your tacklebox and rods. So when you’re tired of walking back and forth from the river but don’t need to zip back to camp in a flash, take a ride on the DayMak Wild Good 500w Electric bike and start loving your trips even more.

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