Micargi Cyclone – 48V Electric, Fat Tire, Beach Cruiser

The Micargi Cyclone is a 500w, fat tire, electrick bike, made in the style of a beach cruiser. The bike runs off a Bafang engine, which provides 5-levels of pedal assist. A 48v, Panasonic, lithium battery power the motor, LCD screen and electric controls. To handle the increased speeds, the Cyclone comes standard with front and back disk brakes. Massive fat tires and a comfortable seat provide the perfect pair for its long beach cruiser frame.

If you have any experience riding on fat tires then you’ll already know the advantages it has over standard sized tires. You’ll be able to ride on snow, sand, loose gravel, mud, and almost any terrain you can think of.

10_25_17 v2.00_00_53_12.Still013Typically, larger wheels tend to cause the riding experience to feel a little sluggish. The cyclone aims to offset this with its 500 watt engine, which makes an incredible difference. Set to its highest level of pedal assist, we

were able to reach up to 26 MPH.

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We had the opportunity to take the cyclone out for a ride. Take a look and see the results for yourself.
E-Bike Review: Micargi Cyclone

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