The Top 5 Best Mini Dirt Bikes of 2018

We all want the best mini bike for our little riders, but when it comes to looking for one you’ve got to choose between two things: quality and price. Usually the better quality a bike is the more expensive it is, and in turn, the less expensive a mini dirt bike is the lower the quality. More often than not buyers don’t know what to purchase and end up getting a dirt bike that’s not right for their young rider.

That’s why at we weeded through all the reviews and hearsay to show you the best mini dirt bikes around. After test riding bikes and going through hundreds of reviews across the net we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Mini Bikes of 2018 that’ll be perfect any small dirt bike rider:


#1 40cc 4 Stroke Gas Powered Mini Superbike– Editor’s Choice

There are two things we love most about the 40cc 4 Stroke Gas Powered Mini Superbike: its power and its looks. The torque that comes from these 40cc 4-stroke mini bikes is surprisingly powerful for such a small bike. Most mini-dirt bikes have a good time cruising around flat surfaces, but once it’s time to go up an incline they’ll bog down and the steeper the incline the more it’ll bog.

When we put this mini superbike to the test on an incline we were surprised to see it only bog down from 10mph to 8mph, verses 2-strokes that bogged from 15mph to around 7-8mph- that’s around a 6mph difference between a 2-stroke’s performance and this 4-stroke mini dirt bike’s. And who can forget about that look? This bike looks like a full size superbike from the fairings to the frame all the way down to its disc brakes and throttle. Your little rider will love the 40cc 4 Stroke Gas Powered Mini Superbike and you’ll love the look on their face when they ride it.


#2 49cc 50cc High Performance 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Bike– Fastest 2-Stroke

Want a little more power out of a mini dirt bike? Get your little rider on the 49cc 50cc High Performance Black 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Bike. This bad boy’s got a classic dirt bike frame and fairings, giving your little rider the motocross look and feel you know they’ll love. Its upgraded clutch allows you to get going by just premixing the gas and pulling the rope- no need to kick-start or pedal-start this bike.

This bike’s also got an upgraded expansion chamber for more speed than other mini dirt bikes out there, as well as front and rear suspension to keep young riders safe when they’re on bumpy terrain. With the power and speed this 2-stroke mini dirt bike gives you, we recommend this mini dirt bike for young riders with a little experience riding dirt bikes

OUR PRICE: $379.95, Buy this mini pit dirt bike here


#3 500w 36v Electric Powered Mini Superbike– Best Electric Mini Bike

Now this was a very fun and interesting ride. The 500w 36v Electric Powered Mini Superbike gets up to around 18mph with an electric motor, which is really surprising seeing as most electric mini dirt bikes can only reach speeds of around 10-12mph at the highest (and frankly, some gas powered pocket bikes don’t even go that fast). The body of this bike is fierce, with a slick Ninja-style frame and fairing kit, and its front and rear suspension keep this bike nice and balanced when going over bumps.

One of its most alluring features is its electric motor. The 36v 500w brushless electric motor is not only fast, but it’s much safer to operate than a gas powered equivalent. Not only is there an electric start, there’s also no gas to combust, hence no fire to make the engine and exhaust hot. That means you won’t have to worry about your young rider burning themselves on a hot muffler or engine case. It also means that if a little rider drops the bike you won’t have to worry about repairing a clutch or flooding the engine. And compared to the price tag of other mini dirt bikes, the 500w 36v Electric Powered Mini Superbike more than pays for itself in gas and maintenance costs which is great for you, your little rider, and your wallet.

OUR PRICE: $340.00, Buy this mini pit dirt bike here

#4 49cc 50cc 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike

The 49cc 50cc 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike is the perfect starter bike for any young rider who wants to get a feel for dirt biking. If you’ve always wanted to start your young rider off with a nice, simple ride you’re looking at it. Compared to Yamaha and Honda dirt bikes that have clutches to engage and disengage, all you have to do is pull the pull start and hit the throttle.

In addition to front and rear disc brakes, this mini dirt bike’s got an easy-to-use kill switch button for easy stopping, all which make this bike the easiest and most fun way to learn how to ride. It also features from and rear suspension as well as knobby tires so they can hit the track or the streets with ease, so if you’re excited for your child to learn how to ride but nervous that it might be too hard, the 49cc 50cc Black 2-Stroke Gas Motorized Mini Dirt Pit Bike is exactly what you need to get them started.

OUR PRICE: $349.95, Buy this mini pit dirt bike here

#5 49cc 2-Stroke Motorized Pocket Bike

If your little rider wants to hit the streets instead of hitting the trails, then the 49cc Black 2-Stroke Motorized Pocket Bike is the bike for them. Unlike other pocket bikes, this gas powered 2-stroke mini dirt bike gets some good speed. Part of that comes from the low profile frame, part of that speed from its powerful 49cc 2-stroke engine. Riding one of these mini pocket bikes is different than riding a dirt bike, but with its disc brakes and front & rear suspension your little rider will get used to hunkering down on this bike with safety and ease.

This bike’s throttle is super responsive, so they can throttle as much or as little as they need to and the bike will take it, unlike other bikes we’ve tried that have a hard time regulating throttle without lots of adjustment. Riding one of these was like riding around on a full sized super bike, so if your young rider’s into city bikes instead of desert bikes, the 49cc Black 2-Stroke Motorized Pocket Bike is what you’re looking for.

OUR PRICE: $379.95, Buy this mini pit dirt bike here

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