The Ultimate Exhaust Guide

It can be pretty exhausting looking into performance exhausts. What do they do? What’s the difference? How loud is it? Is it all for looks or will it help your performance? In today’s blog were going to break it all down and let you guys know how each exhaust system adds up. We will run test measuring changes in acceleration, top speed, and loudness. This is the ultimate exhaust Guide.

Aftermarket exhaust parts are intended to replace the factory fitted exhaust components of a car, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle in order to improve the performance, visual appeal, or sound of the vehicle. Generally, performance enhancements are achieved by increasing air flow or adding a tuned expansion chamber in place of the factory exhaust system. 

The Exhaust Units we will be looking at today are.


  1. Stock Exhaust

  2. BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust Pipe Muffler

  3. BBR Tuning Flex Fit Poo Poo Motocross Muffler

  4. BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler 

  5. BBR Tuning Torquer Up Exhaust Pipe Muffler

  6. Street Poo-Poo Muffler Exhaust

  7. Expansion Chamber

  8. Speed Demon Expansion Chamber



Our first test is the loudness test.  Sound is measured in a measurement of decibels. We placed a decibel meter 5 feet from our motorized bike and measured the decibels at an idle and revving the engine. The higher the number the louder it is.


Looking at our results, The stock exhaust was our quietest while the F2 Thrust was the loudest.  Now that we know how loud each exhaust is lets see how fast they can get up to.

Top Speed

To measure speed, we had Aaron hop on the bike and give it full throttle while passing Shane with the speedometer in hand.  The Stock, Street Poo Poo , and Performance Speed Demon all came in on the low of 26 mph, while the F2 Thrust took this test again with a top speed of 29 mph.

Now we know how fast these bikes are let’s see how they accelerate and get to this speed.


To measure acceleration we set up a start marker and put a speedometer on the handlebars of the bike. On the go, Aaron gave the bike two pedals, started the engine and went full throttle. Once he reached a speed of 20 mph he gave the signal and the timer was stopped.


Looking at our results, The stock exhaust system was extremely slow. It took 11 seconds just to get to 20 mph. Again, the F2 thrust went above and beyond and got up to 20 mph in just 6 seconds.

Now that we have our data on all the Exhaust systems we are going to choose our top three for you guys.

Top 3

3rd Place: BBR Tuning Dual Ended Torquer Up Exhaust Pipe Muffler

2nd Place: Expansion Chamber 


1st Place: BBR Tuning High Performance F2 Thrust Exhaust Muffler

Quieter Options

Now if you’re in the market for better performance but not as loud we have our top options for you.

3rd place: Speed Demon

2nd Place: Street Poo-Poo Muffler Exhaust


1st Place: BBR Tuning Flex Fit Poo Poo Motocross Muffler

Well, there ya have it.  Swapping out your exhaust is a great way to change the look and performance of your engine kit. Make sure to check out all our options and compare with our test results when deciding which is the best for you.

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