Make Sure Your Bike’s Next Set of Wheels are Perfect for Your Build

A motorized bike would be nothing without a good set of wheels. Not only can they make or break the look of your ride, the right set of wheels can be the difference between a safe build and an unsafe one.
If you’re planning on upgrading your wheels, here are a few things to consider before you purchase your bike a new set of shoes:

You Can’t Go Wrong With Standard Wheels

522be47f25344665abf7750f02454ab8Tried and true, standard single speed and cruiser wheels are a staple in the motorized bike world. There are tons out there, so it’s important to find some with strong spokes, like the 12g wheels we offer.

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Fat Tire Wheels Wheels Can Be a Little Tricky to Use, but Totally Worth It

1b38419673144072ab96fb103b8ed43dNo one can deny the command fat tire bikes have on the road. Their width makes them trickier to motorize than standard wheels, but with the right sprocket clamp assembly and a little adjustment these wheels are good to go. Click here to get your fat tire wheels



You Don’t Have As Much Maintenance With Mag Wheels

b40aec0e1dbc48c88862b90f7f43a74cIf your wheel has spokes they’ll eventually need to be trued and adjusted, otherwise your wheel can fold under you. Not with mag wheels. These all-metal wheels don’t require truing or adjustments: you just throw on the tube and tire, strap on your chains, and you’re motorized in minutes.

The downside: if you want a larger or smaller sprocket than that’s offered, you’ve got to drill the holes yourself (but that’s nothing but a couple of measurements and a drill bit)

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