Custom Motorized Bicycle Build – BikeBerry Builds EP 2 – Giveaway

Welcome to BikeBerry Builds! The show where we take new or old bicycles and overhaul them with the latest engine kits and performance parts. On episode 2, we receive our freshly painted bike from the shop and begin to rebuild the Motorized Micargi Pantera.


2 thoughts on “Custom Motorized Bicycle Build – BikeBerry Builds EP 2 – Giveaway

  1. Hello, Um, So WHO WON the November Giveaway ? Where is the Contest email gongratulating the winner ? Where is the Gleaming Endorsement of BikeBerry from the winner ??

    Or were you guys just collecting/compiling Email Addresses, Facebook, Twitter, Google account information on as many Rube’s as possible ???

    Where IS the December contest page ??

    I searched, but all I could find was the expired November contest page (Oddly Showing 32 hours left on DEC 26th !!) And NO contest results of ANY kind. But what showed up at the Top of my results page was a bunch of very negative Better Business Bureau Complaints !! And to think City of Industry is my old stomping grounds around the East San Gabriel Valley. Sheeeesh !!

    • Hello, the reason you saw the gleam open again in December is because the original November winner never replied to us. We then reopened the giveaway and have since chosen a new winner. Both winners were selected on FB/Youtube live as announced in the video. Hopefully, this resolves your concerns.

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