CNS Carburetors: What You Should Know Before You Ride

CNS Carburetor Tuning Guide For 2-Stroke Gas Bikes

Who doesn’t love flying down the road on a motorized bike- the wind in your hair, the rush of adrenaline as your pull on the throttle… Nothing gets your there better than using a CNS High Performance Carburetor! However, those carburetors are set up differently than any other bike engine kit carburetor on the market. … Read more

You Don’t Want to Build a Motorized Chopper Bike… Until Now

motorized 2 stroke chopper bike bicycle 80cc 60cc 66cc

Chopper bikes a quite a sight to behold! Stretched frames, big tires, big bars- nothing looks more fierce than a motorized chopper. But building one is not as simple as putting an engine kit on a standard cruiser. Although there are many similarities, there are some considerations you will want to keep in mind when motorizing chopper bike.

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3 Signs to Breaking In Your Engine The Right Way

Bike engine kits require frequent maintenance. It is important to assure engine kits are continually being serviced and looked after properly. No other part of the engine’s life is more important than its break-in. Engines have a long and successful life when broken in correctly.

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